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Why preventive QA

Postpartum QA means the campaign has already run, the mistake has already been made, and the money is already lost. Nobody wants to catch an error only after a mistake has already occurred.

What we do differently

1. Native integration

Grasp is natively integrated with all major digital media buying platforms such as Facebook, DV360, Google Ads, TikTok etc. We automatically QA your campaign setup on the fly, without impacting any user experience.

2. Budget, Tracking and more

Grasp’s preventive QA method enforces and checks various elements of your campaign setup, depending on predefined guidelines. These elements can include budget, date, tracking, targeting, creative etc.

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3. Onboarding & Training

Our users love Grasp’s preventive QA solution not just for QA, but also for training and onboarding new media buyers. Especially under the context of COVID-19 and work-from-home policies, such integrated training & onboarding has proven to be efficient and effective.

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