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Why real-time alerts

Grasp’s preventive QA flags mistakes during campaign setup, but we do not block campaign creation. As the 2nd level of safeguard, Grasp’s alerting system notifies you in real-time upon campaign creation about any potential errors and noncompliance.

What we do differently


1. So real-time that it’s almost preventive

It’s not when the campaign hits the start date, nor only when the campaign starts to deliver. It’s the moment when the campaign is created, no matter if it's scheduled to run tomorrow or in 6 months. Get notified before any damage is done and nip any potential problems in the bud.

2. Multiple notification channels & levels

Grasp’s alerting system is compatible with email, Microsoft Teams and Slack. Depending on the criticality of the guideline, Grasp’s alerts can be triggered to relevant stakeholders at different levels in your organization.

3. It’s also about bottom-up communication

Top-down compliance is crucial, so is bottom-up feedback. Grasp’s alerting system allows users to escalate local feedback and best practices to justify any noncompliance.

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