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1st level of safeguard

Preventive QA

Native and preventive, Grasp allows you to automatically QA campaign budget, naming and other setup mistakes even before campaign launch.
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2nd level of safeguard

Real-time Alerts

An alert will be triggered in real-time to relevant stakeholders if any campaign is created without respecting all predefined media buying guidelines.
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  • Grasp Alert - A campaign doesn't respect the budget limit ($4,000)

  • Grasp Alert - An adset doesn't respect the naming convention

  • Grasp Alert - A creative doesn’t have the expected ratio (16:9)

3rd level of safeguard

Global Monitoring

The Grasp platform also serves as a central control tower that pulls in real-time operational information from all markets & teams. We redflag any noncompliance that allows immediate reinforcement and correction.
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