An Industry-wide Challenge


of overspend every
$1M media budget

Our solution

of marketing data broken or lost due to taxonomy mistakes

Our solution
1st level of safeguard


Natively integrated with media buying platforms, Grasp verifies campaign setup (budget, audience, naming, etc.) and red flags any mistakes and noncompliances before campaign launch.
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2nd level of safeguard

Real-time Alerts

A preventive alert will be triggered at the time of campaign launch to notify relevant stakeholders of any mistakes and noncompliance.
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  • Grasp Alert - A campaign doesn't respect the budget limit ($4,000)

  • Grasp Alert - An adset doesn't respect the naming convention

  • Grasp Alert - A creative doesn’t have the expected ratio (16:9)

3rd level of safeguard

Global Monitoring

The Grasp platform provides stakeholders with a holistic control tower view to monitor real-time operational information, and tracks compliance scores and evolution from all markets and teams.
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